Sometimes the game needs to be locked down for scheduled maintenance, upkeep, or security. Please check back later. Typically a lockdown should not last more than an hour. During this time period, the game is frozen.

Type: other
Reason: The game has been frozen with all characters, events, etc in tact until further notice. The creator of the game is the only admin and has recently had a newborn, which means there is too little time to address bugs and reports for the time being. There was no warning of when this lockdown was initiated in order to prevent players from using the OOC knowledge to their advantage prior to the lock. The lockdown may last up to a month, and an update on this will be given by September 1st at the latest. It will also provide the chance to catch up on reports/bugs/investigations meanwhile. Regarding patrons to the game, monthly payments have been turned off until the game returns. Thanks for playing, and sorry for the inconvenience, but I look forward to bringing the game back up soon once we get our personal routines reliably established. Take care in the meanwhile. - Nyx

To get more information, or ask questions you can talk to the players and mods on the discord chat server. To report an issue while the game is locked please contact administration on the forums or email