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  • Special type of room which creates procedural dungeon effects.
  • Each ruin has its own set of possible unique areas.
  • For most people it will not even be worth trying to dungeon dive unless you are committed to combat, because the monsters are so strong.
  • First room is always the same, and is always free of monsters, which allows characters who do not want to dungeon dive to use the site in RP.
  • Beyond the first room, the areas are procedurally generated. You will only be able to enter the same generated dungeon together if you are in a group at this point.
  • There will be small chances of happening upon other adventurers in the same dungeon, if there are any.
  • When entering a back room, it will either spawn a puzzle, monsters who will attack you immediately, or both, or it will be a treasure room.
  • In the case of a puzzle you must solve it to move forward. You can only access treasure rooms through a puzzle room.
  • In the case of monsters, you do not have to fight them at all, but you will be attacked anyway. You can simply move to the next room.
  • In some cases though, it may be to your benefit to kill them if you can, because they will drop medicines, and other equipment, which can help you last longer in order to get more treasure.
  • In the case of having both monsters and puzzles, the puzzle must be completed, but as long as the monsters live they will attack you, so you may not live long enough to solve it, if you are not careful.
  • Attempting to leave the room you are in will exit you from the dungeon, and set you in the entrance.
  • Nothing will stop you at any point from leaving the dungeon, only from moving forward.


  • Only spawn in ruins.
  • Super strong and aggressive, will attack you as much as they possibly can, 100% of the time. For most people it will not even be worth trying to dungeon dive unless you are committed to combat.
  • Held to the same combat limitations as animals, but on more equal footing as players - more health (animals are at a slight disadvantage so they can be reliably hunted).
  • They attack because they guard the treasures that each room can spawn with. Treasures can be anything from artifacts, resources, crafts, coins, lore books, or spell books.
  • Monsters will only spawn upon entering the room - once the area is cleared, the room is safe to rest in.
  • They drop equipment to help you survive such as medicine, food, and decent armor and weaponry if they are humanoid.