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Explain how magic works in Marosia generally, explain natural magic vs learned magic, apprenticeships, spell books (which contain real lore/information), and types of magic available. Also throw in a reference artifacts since they are magic items.

Can teach someone 1 magic type at a time, after a VERY (5 years?) long project, if they are a master level at that magic type.
New abilities unlock with each level (up to 5).

-Blood magic. Characters with this magic can determine bloodlines, able to verify family trees for certain.
-Telepathy. Characters with this magic can initiate an unseen unheard discussion that the recipient can reply to.
-Invisibility. Basically this takes them off the list of visible people in the area when activated, but if they interact with objects those events will still fire (i.e, you can still see a door open even though you don't see the person walking through it).
-Teleportation. This one may have a cooldown for a year or so, I haven't decided yet, but they can instantly go to another location.
-Phasing. This allows a character to pass through objects in an ethereal form, which includes locked doors. May possibly have a use in combat. Allows walking through mountains.
-Shape Shifting. Can appear as an animal with increased strength for the purpose of combat, or increased speed/dexterity for travel. They won't be able to use weapons when this is activated for combat, though.
-Medium. They have a two way connection with the gods where they are able to directly speak and be spoken to with whichever god they choose, though you can imagine it is potentially dangerous, and they may not always get the answers they are looking for. They also have precognition which allows them to receive visions. Always, they will get a cryptic vision of the future before an Arc begins (a planned major plot in the game), but they can also receive them for smaller more local events in their area. It may be an oncoming disease, a natural disaster, or even just a subtle indication a visitor may be coming.