Known Issues

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NOTE: The framework this game uses has known issues with iOS. It is recommended that you use the latest versions of firefox or chrome when playing.

  • Overflow and scrolling on modals. It's a known issue for bootstrap modals to scroll the background when reaching past the top or bottom of a modal in either iOS or Android.
  • Text fields on modals. It's a known issue in boostrap that if the initial touch of a scroll gesture is within the boundary of a text input, the content underneath the modal will scroll.
  • Other inputs on modals. iOS has a rendering bug that does not update the position of fixed elements when the virtual keyboard is triggered.
  • Browser zooming is known to have rendering issues in bootstrap. This has some good improvements for modals on mobile bootstrap:
  • Sometimes the inventory/ground checkboxes cannot be selected. Medium, chrome.
  • Clicking on Marosia/Characters while still submitting a post triggers an eternal hourglass.
  • Login screen/char menu/ (any modal with text input?) unstable and bouncy on IOS chrome
  • iOS 9.3.5 mobile crafting menu disappears for thoughtfuloutlaw: "says there was an error because I tried to pick up something I couldn't carry" (maybe test with dev tools).
  • Rare bug where starting project on one character appears as owner of another on same account.
  • Clicking show/hide all too fast causes messed up formatting on mobile