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In Account Settings you can reset your email, reset your password and a few other options.

Hide Avatars

You can select the option to turn off other character's avatars. Your own will still show, but when you view others they won't have an associated image present.

Daily Logs

You can choose to turn on daily automated logs which will send separate emails of each character's logs for the past day. Make sure to check your spam.

Download logs

You can choose to download a character's logs which will give you up to two months of logs in a text file that is usable on PC or mobile.


Hibernation is a state that a character goes into which does not allow them to age, go hungry, or be attacked. It will allow you to select a date until the hibernation is over if the character has no been in character vs character violence in the last 7 days, but the date cannot be set less than a week away from the current date, or more than 2 months out. Once hibernation is set that character cannot be played until the designated date. A character will not be removed from hibernation via request; the duration must take its course. Hibernation is fit for taking holidays or for when real life emergencies come up.


While this is not found under the Settings window, it is a setting which affects accounts (you can find it under the People section after clicking on a character). Avoidance is a feature which allows you to avoid certain player accounts for new character spawns. By setting avoidance for a character, new spawns on your account will not spawn in locations where the characters of this player's account exist. Your adult spawns will appear in a different location, and your child spawns will never have them as a parent. If you would like to lift avoidance from a character, you may contact staff by making a report with your request. No one will be notified by setting this option, and this option does not change anything for current characters or the characters of the account being avoided. You can avoid up to 15 accounts, with the oldest accounts being overwritten once that cap is reached.

From a technical standpoint:
Adults: Adult spawns have a static position they will go to if there is no other valid spawn point (affected by where your own characters are, where avoided accounts are, and where other racial groups are).
Children: Child spawns will skip the parents of accounts that are being avoided, they simply will not spawn with them. If only avoiding accounts are in line for those parents, a shortage message will be sent out about needing children in the race. If no one puts in a child that is not avoiding the parents for the entire 2 days of the parents waiting for a kid to be matched to them, then the spawning will fail and will not produce a child.