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What is a town, making a town, managing a town, town guards, citizenship, taxes, references politics, economy, etc.

Town guards can be selected by the town leader.
Town guards are part of town development - the more developed your town is, the more guards you can have.
The town leader will have options on how these guards operate: they can defend - only town officials, only registered town residents, residents and officials, or everyone currently in the town from violence (they will auto attack people who publicly attack others).
A town guard cannot be a part of another group unless they go off duty (the leader must take them off the guard list, or they can go off duty themselves)

Guards can be set to automatically protect people from certain kinds of violence. Their settings differ depending on who the attacker is. Guards can attack anyone who attacks anyone in the area, only citizens of the town, or only political officials. Guards can also be set to auto attack an animal if it attacks someone in these groups, or there's a chance when an animal attacks that a guard will see it coming (depending on a random guard's stats), and they will try to stop the attack before it causes any damage (risking damage themselves).

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