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All characters are born with a set of skills and attributes. There are three main attributes, and twelve skills with 5 levels each. All skills have a root attribute, which is used during actions or projects that result in effects rather than items (in tandem with your skill, in many cases). Attributes take twice as long to level as skills do, and they can only be leveled through the skills that belong to them. For example, you can increase your strength over time as you develop your smithing skill.

Attribute Skill Level Effect Influence
Strength Melee Damage Fighting with melee weapons.
Mining Speed Gathering materials from underground.
Harvesting Speed Gathering materials from above ground.
Smithing Quality Tempering materials into weaponry.
Dexterity Marksman Damage Fighting with ranged weapons.
Ranching Ability. Taming animals to be pets, weapons, steeds, or producers.
Tailoring Quality Making high quality clothing and jewelry.
Cooking Quality Creating high quality foods.
Knowledge Alchemy Quality Producing substances with special properties.
Engineering Speed Building structures, facilities, and complex machinery.
Guile Ability Lock picking, eavesdropping, pick pocketing, sneaking. The art of stealth.
Manufacturing Speed Crafting tools, furniture, and other small items.
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