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All administration is conducted by Staff. Staff can be composed of Clarion employees, but more often they are composed of community volunteers who have retired from playing the game (to keep opinions unbiased). You cannot become a moderator while maintaining a game account with active characters, because there is too much possibility for corruption. If you need a break from the game for several months, but still want to be part of the community, consider applying for a moderator position. Otherwise, there are other staff positions which may be available that do not require quitting the game. Nyx is the Game Master, Designer, and Programmer.

Game Moderators

Game moderators are always retired players with no characters currently being played in the game in order to avoid bias. They are fans who continue to contribute to the community in their free time by making the game as fair as possible.

None, and currently not looking for any additions.

Community Moderators

These are volunteers who moderate the chat and forum, not the game itself.




These can be commission or donor artists who have provided artwork officially to the game.

Dineosoar: They are responsible for donating the default racial symbols that are used when a character spawns.

iJourkae: The main character artist responsible for all the examples of characters in the wiki, and character creation.

Aster: Responsible for chibi renditions of gods, and various extra art projects and donations such as discord emojis.

Wiki Editors

Special thank you to the volunteers who help to manage and maintain this wiki.



Sir Noobalot