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To spawn as an adult, click the New Character card and select "I prefer to begin life as an adult." You will then be able to browse races available for selection either by clicking on their picture or selecting the race name from the dropdown menu. After filling out the details of your upcoming character, selecting "this is my chosen form" will spawn the character into the world. Adults will spawn in a location where a random member of their exists. If a member of that race does not exist, the character will spawn in the same location as a member of any race.

To spawn as a child, you only have to select "I would like to experience childhood" in the intial spawn type selection where you will select the desired gender. After that, your account will be put into a line to be matched with upcoming parents. As soon as this happens, your character will be spawned into the location of those parents at the age of five. As a child character, you do not get to name yourself - your mother will name you after you spawn.

Adult Child
  • Can play immediately
  • Up to five characters per account
  • No initial barrier to actions - free to do as they please
  • Can learn 2x faster
  • Can have up to 13 more years of life than adult spawns
  • Has the opportunity to gain natural magic
  • Has the opportunity to gain advantages with genetics
  • Has the opportunity to make use of bloodlines
  • No chance for natural magic - you will have to learn it yourself
  • No guaranteed support or group play through a family
  • Skills and attributes always start out very low
  • Limited to two per account
  • Requires unpredictable waiting period before play
  • No mating, attacking, ownership
  • Can only participate in projects, can't start them before age 14
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