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Projects, pay, how progress is calculated, nuances of being an employer, possible reference to bank facility
Participants on a project are paid on a first-come-first-serve basis, based on how skilled they are at the work they are doing. The more skilled they are, the more they contribute to the progress of the project. This nets them more pay in paid projects. If the paid project is for the gathering of resources or the crafting of an item, pay is given hourly. If it's for an effect, such as healing, it is paid out once the project is completed. Progress is calculated based on the skill of the participants. Skill is the direct contribution made toward that progress, so the higher the skill, the higher the contribution. If the project is paid, pay is distributed every hour based on percentage of contributions that hour. So, if person A gathers 6 apples per hour, and person B gathers 4 apples per hour, a project with a total pay of 10 would split based on the contributions of 60 and 40 percent.

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