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Type Change
Time Time moves in Marosia. When a player logs off, the world does not wait - time will pass. Each real hour is an hour in the game. Each day in Marosia is 12 hours. Every 10 real days is a game year.
Aging With each year that passes, your character will grow in age. Age affects a number of things depending on the race.
Hunger As time goes on, your character will grow hungry. Hunger decays at a rate of -2 per hour.
Health If your character has been hurt, it's alright if you don't have medicine. They will heal over time slowly at a rate of +1 per hour, but this doesn't apply to injuries.
Project Progress Every hour that passes, any projects that have participants will gain progress. If the project is a job, participants will also get paid every hour (as long as the employer is in the area).
Project Completion The generation of a project result. Results can be either products like crafted items and harvestables, or they can effects like burying a body or healing someone.
Lifespans Different races have different lifespans. Once this lifespan is met, the base chance of dying of old age is 35%. With each passing year your chance for death goes up 1%.
Starvation Once hunger reaches 0, a character will die.
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