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The framework this game uses has known issues with iOS. It is also recommended that you use the latest versions of firefox or chrome when playing.

[Game Issues]

- You cannot play different characters in multiple tabs. This is on purpose. Playing in multiple tabs can induce odd visuals and behaviors from the game where you see info that is relevant to one character on another based on how the game sees your play sessions - do not use old tabs, and do not leave game tabs open and then start new ones, so that you limit interfacing this issue.

- Clicking show/hide all or other show/hide buttons too fast causes messed up layout and formatting.

- Gateway error sometimes occurs when doing an action that requires a full refresh.

- Door and window functionality is disabled until further notice.

[Browser Plug-in Issues]

- Ad block sometimes blocks some of the map images, likely because it has filters that somehow trigger the images to be ads when they aren't. Disable adblock on Marosia - we are ad free :).

[Browser or OS Specific Issues]

- iOS: Inability to access the Character menu to set name, description, and avatar. Temporary solution provided by players: Download an app called rabbit. It is a free browser sharing app but it loads it’s own computer to run off of with its own IP. It behaves like a desktop. Load up your own room, and go to Marosia. Select the character, enter a large description, and add your name. Save everything, exit out of rabbit, and play from your preferred browser. You should be able to upload a picture or change your name or description now.

- Sometimes cannot load people menus on Tor.

- iOS: Mobile calibration on people menu is off.

- iOS: Sometimes the inventory/ground checkboxes cannot be selected. Medium, chrome.

- iOS: Other inputs on modals. iOS has a rendering bug that does not update the position of fixed elements when the virtual keyboard is triggered. [Boostrap Specific]

- iOS: Login screen/char menu/ (any modal with text input?) unstable and bouncy on IOS chrome.

- iOS: Quotes are removed from posts, suspected root cause is that they are considered unicode characters which are stripped. Temporary solution is to turn of smart quotes in settings.

- There are known issues of not being able to use buttons in the game on a windows tablet.

[UX Bugs From Bootstrap]

- Overflow and scrolling on modals. It's a known issue for bootstrap modals to scroll the background when reaching past the top or bottom of a modal in either iOS or Android.

- Text fields on modals. It's a known issue in boostrap that if the initial touch of a scroll gesture is within the boundary of a text input, the content underneath the modal will scroll.

- Browser zooming is known to have rendering issues in bootstrap.

- This has some good improvements for modals on mobile bootstrap: