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Mating, genetics, bloodlines, inheritable traits


Mating Offer

Mating can only occur when the following conditions have been met:

  • It has been at least 10 days since the last mating between the two characters. (This does not affect mating with other characters)
  • Both characters are over 18 years old
  • Both characters are not incapable
  • Both characters are not from the same account
  • Neither character has an unhealed or permanent groin injury
  • One character is male and the other is female
  • Both characters are from the same race.
  • Both characters are in the same locaton
  • Both characters are not infertile (the age of which is 40% subtracted from the race lifespan)

When selected a request is sent to the other character through an alert that they can accept if both characters are in the same location or reject. The requester is notified of their response, but a mating delay is only set if accepted.
A mating will technically fail if the female is already waiting for a child (with the same or a different male) when a mate offer is accepted, but one will never know if this happens before a child is born. There is no randomness to pregnancies. If a mating fails, it is because there is no available child in the tier to be given parents for now, so attempting multiple matings does nothing to increase probability.


The genetics of a child are decided by averaging the skills and attributes of the parents. This means that characters interested in a strong legacy will want to look for mates with equal or better skills and attributes. A child can be spawned with natural talent in magic. The base chance of this is 10%, but if the parents have magic (natural or learned) it can be more easily passed down to their children. If one parent has magic, it's a 50% chance the child will have magic, but if both parents have magic the child will have 100% chance to inherit.


If the parents of a child are too closely related, there is a chance that resulting children could be severely stunted with crippled stats. Parents who are within two vertical steps (parents or grandparents) or two horizontal steps (siblings, cousin) of the same family branch will potentially have children who have a permanent injury applied to them. Genetic inheritance will not apply so the child will spawn with the lowest possible stats, without a racial bonus. One random attribute (and all its associated skills) will be forever stunted at the lowest level, unable to progress past that point. The chance of a child being born with this injury is 75% if the relations of their parents are within the same branch (grandparents, parents, siblings), and 50% if within a distant but related branch (cousins). They also only have the generic 10% chance for magic that normal adult spawns have. An inbred child will be indicated by having a birthmark of four black dots in the shape of a diamond. The attribute and its associated skills which have been stunted will be indicated on the character skills sheet as having grey labels.

Child Arrival

The spawning of a child is announced with a message when they arrive. They will always arrive in the same location of the mother. The mother will be able to see who their child is via a label on the child's description. Children will have an indication of their mother when they spawn. Parents in line to accept the new spawn of a child will see whether they were successful after 10 game days (5 real days) of pregnancy. If a pregnancy is successful, the mother will be given a message to indicate this. Once the child is born, it grows supernaturally fast, until it is the equivalent of a 5 year old. Children see their own special message which identifies their mother. The mother is able to name the child (only once, so make sure it's right) afterwards by viewing their information. Children will always arrive slightly hungry. You cannot be born to parents on your own account

Child Behavior

Children have limitations in their behavior. They gain experience twice as fast as any adult, but they also slow down the entire rate of progress on a project as long as they are helping with it. When they're around an incapable character who has been dealt a fatal blow, they do not get the option to finish off that person after the lockdown period. The guardian of the child (who brought them into existence) is able to drag the child at any time, but anyone else unrelated must put that child into an incapable state first before they are able to drag them like anyone else. Children themselves are unable to drag anyone ever, and cannot heal grievous injuries such as incapability. Children also cannot bring other children into existence. Children under 14 cannot start their own projects.

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