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Will the game ever have half-breeds and allow people of different races to mate?

No, this will never be added to the game. There are merits to keeping the struggles of not being able to have children as a mixed race couple that encourages RP, such as seeking out a surrogate or trying to please a god to be blessed with a child, or the adoption of orphans.

Why does healing general damage not provide experience?

Giving exp for nothing but time in this case would be too abusable and farmable without forcing the project to be completed in order to get it (such as is the case with other types of projects like dismantling, with the exception of gathering resources). However, in that case exp is usually given at the end of a project to ensure that the project initiator is forced to commit to the entire time cost of the project. Projects that force committment often only allow one person/initiator to work on it the entire time, because it forces a limit on the scope of how many characters can benefit from that type of project at once from a single material cost (item/resources/etc). For healing, we cannot do this, because it would mean setting up healing projects would be able to used by attackers as a combat tactic exploit.

Since only one healing project is allowed at a time (because allowing multiple healing projects to be worked on at once allows overpowered heals), an attacker could set up healing projects on their victim on purpose in order to purposely prevent them from being healed intentionally by their friends. It is not intended to have projects which allow one person a single cost that other characters can passively benefit from. Healing damage projects also do not get sped up by multiple people working on it, so it would not make RP sense for others to join the project aside from avoiding the previously mentioned attacker tactics. With no exp gain, it is ensured that the only reason a character would join this project is to help their friend in a life or death situation rather than exploitation or passive exp gains.

Why is there a limit on the number of tierborn characters I can play?

Tierborn characters get the benefit of inheriting stats from their parents, and so their genes are pretty powerful. The number an account can have is limited to slow down power creep that is too easily achieved if everyone can have all tierborn characters. This way, many tierborn are forced to mate with newspawns if they want to have families, thereby lowering stats back down in the gene pool, and avoiding casual power creep in the majority of the population.

Will I get banned just for breaking town laws (or other in game player made rules)?

NO! :) Thievery and shennanigans are allowed by admin, all of that is part of the story. Breaking a town's law for stealing does not concern admin at all, admin are only interested in keeping the game free from trolls and griefers. Refer to the troll definition in the rules for more specific information.

What is the difference between joining the Discord and joining the Forum?

The entire point of the discord for me as a developer is to be able to have quick discussions to get feedback from players on aspects of balancing and other very crucial aspects of the Beta phase. I need it that way because I don't have time to wait days and days for discussions to finish up on forums. When the testing phase of the game is over, Discord will no longer be the place for those discussions. Balancing will be over. Updates will be made weekly rather than daily. All feature discussions will be for non-crucial aspects of the game which can have week-long discussions before implementation. Beta testing just has different needs than a finished game.

Why can't the game have a mechanic to address [X] problem?

If the problem is IC, meaning it is a problem caused by legal character behavior, then it will not be solved with mechanics. It is up to characters to address IC problems by using what they have available to them to address those problems - this is what builds character development, culture, and interesting story lines - problem solving.
Example: I do not like that another character inherited leadership instead of my character because the other character was born first, so my experience is bad; the game should have a mechanic that makes all characters equally have the chance to inherit leadership. This is a character problem - even though the player does not like it, that does not mean it is a problem which requires a mechanical solution.

If the problem is OOC, meaning that it is a problem caused by illegal character behavior like rule breaks or imbalanced gameplay directly resulting from the system being inadequate or faulty in design. These are the sorts of problems that highly benefit from the suggestion of new features or adjustments to current features. You can make those suggestions in the forum if they are non-critical. If you believe it to be a critical change, then you can suggest it in the discord.
Example: I do not like that skill [x] is easier to build than skill [y] which gives a huge advantage to action [z] compared to other characters. This is an example of a problem being present that is resulting from the system potentially being faulty. Sometimes advantages and disadvantages are set on purpose, but they must be balanced in order to be fair. If you find a problem like this, please feel free to immediately bring up the issue in the discord chat, as that will be the fastest method of getting features adjusted.

What do I do if I have a suggestion based on a current event?

It is often too easy to use recent events as an example. As with discussion, please save your suggestion for 2 days after the event is over. This is to keep anonymity if it exists, and also to remove the possibility of stirring up discussion around the event when trying to discuss problems.

Can I play in multiple tabs/windows?

No. The game keeps track of the most recent character you are playing, so attempting to do actions on an old tab of a different character will result in the page refreshing with an error that the action is invalid. To avoid this, play the game in a single tab and switch between characters through the menu as needed.

Why does my hunger show over 0% when my character fell incapable from starvation?

There is automatic eating for incapable characters only. When your character becomes incapable, if it is below 50% health, it will eat food in its inventory every hour until it gets above 50. So if you see hunger above 0 when the character was starving, it is just because it ate food in its inventory afterward.

Why does dismantlement and adjustment to descriptions use manufacturing rather than the items associated creation skill?

It is by design so that it is not as viable to constantly train a skill with no cost by making it and dismantling it over and over.

Why not allow same sex characters to produce children?

It was my goal to maintain the male/female requirement for mating because it drastically affects the development of culture to remove it. Meaning, I wanted to preserve traditional ideas and points of conflict around the family system, intentionally. So same sex couples being able to produce children as part of the game mechanics will never happen as part of a common mating requirement (however it may be achieved as a result of quests from gods).

I am on iOS, why do my quotes not show up?

The game does not allow unicode characters, which iOS uses as prettier quotes. If you want iOS quotes to appear in the game, you will need to turn off your "smart punctuation" setting.

Why is guile in particular so difficult to level?

Guile requires more player creativity to gain success because it is not like any other skill. Guile has a large initial hump to get over before leveling is more accessible to avoid thieving becoming too common. It will never be changed to be more accessible to characters of level 1 guile than it already is. All characters at level one have access to eavesdropping, stealing animals, and stealing packages - these are opportunistic ways of leveling, and it is mostly knowledge leveled adults who can utilize this - the role is not feasible for all characters to pick up casually. All of these things are intentional.

Why does avoidance stop my characters from spawning with others, but it doesn't stop their characters from spawning with mine?

Sometimes players do not mesh with other players, and you may not want to have your characters spawn as another player's child or to spawn in the same location as their other characters. However, this does not apply both ways - no player can decide where another player is able to spawn, only themselves.

No player has the right to decide where another player's characters can spawn, you can only decide that for yourself. The reason avoidance is set this way is to prevent player cliques being able to decide where other players can spawn, essentially "spawn blocking" those they don't like. Allowing that behavior would encourage an elitist attitude is considered toxic is unwelcome in the community. It is also set this way to protect the incentive for villains/troublesome characters to exist, because no one would want to be a villain or someone who plays characters who start conflict if it means it will potentially remove many options for spawn points for later characters down the line. Lastly, the ability for players to decide who is unable to spawn in a location/family affect all the characters stories who live at that location, and there will never be an ability for players to actively remove opportunities for roleplay away from other characters based on anything OOC.

Avoidance is only intended to be used as a tool to avoid play styles that you find do not mesh with your own - it is NOT intended to be used as a tool to avoid harassment, or rule breaking player behavior. If you find a player breaks the rules, or is abusive to other players through OOC communication (which is a Conduct break), then it needs to be reported with evidence to be able to be investigated by staff.

This is a game that provides entertainment based on other people's character's actions having influence over your character's development, for better or worse, and that is going to include experiences that may not always be pleasant (such as sad or violent scenes) because there is no story that is interesting where only good things happen. If you are ever uncomfortable with a mature scene as a player, you can request the scene to fade to black to avoid explicit details. If you find that playing a character is too mentally or emotionally taxing to be enjoyable even through the bad times, then you are encouraged to cull that character when possible, or find a way to walk away from the situation IC.