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1. Select the item category (is it a weapon? armor? clothing? food?)
2. Select the actual item type (what kind of armor, weapon, clothing, or food?)
3. Apply the requirements - from your inventory select which resources will be used in the production of this item (quality is included for convenience)
4. If the category of the item allows, name the item (what kind of food is it? what kind of melee weapon?)
5. Optionally describe the item. You can leave this blank if you don't care for custom descriptions and just want to make the thing.
6. Optionally select how many you want to make (if more than 1).
That's it. This is why the terms are deliberately broad, because I don't want to tell the player what type of pudding they can make or give them a severely limited number (or too many options) for making a sword. Make whatever you want. All that matters to the game is the quality. You decide the rest.

food, weapon, armor, potion, invention, clothing, building, container, jewelry, furniture, tool, feed, machine, special

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