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Against characters and against animals. Describe the mechanics of how combat works, and the differences there are between fighting animals and people.



In the best case scenario, there must be 4 hits before someone isn't a threat. In the worst case scenario damage is negligible but never 0.
That means an attacker must have at least 4 full hours to continually attack, or they must have a group of 4 people to attack with them all at once, or some mix of this.
I want an element of luck so that the results are not always the same. This will be a random number between 1 and no more than 15 percent of the base damage (added or subtracted).
Formula for damage: ((attribute + weapon + skill) * 4 - (enemy armor) * 2)/2 +- .15[luck] * (value to the left)

This formula is the same damage calculated for damage to animals during hunting
You can only hit a single person once an hour.
You only gain experience if you land a hit.


Characters can get injured randomly during a successful hit from their attacker. When they get injured you can see it in their description.
The likelyhood of an injury is (10 - dexterity) = %result chance.
Injuries can be temporary or permanent depending on how they are healed (average of medicine quality and knowledge)
Injuries are permanent if they are never healed or if a healing attempt totally fails. Injuries are temporary if they are properly healed.
You can have multiple injuries at once - what type is random.
1. groin injury - no more mating for the char
2. arms - drop in strength
3. leg - drop in dexterity
4. head injury - drop in knowledge
- Healing is a project that takes time
- Each attack is followed by a counter attack
- Military groups can be lead by a person to direct attacks against other people (or other groups)
- Attacks can only happen once per hour per person
- When health reaches 0 the characters go into a state that is not quite death, but nearly.

Healing Injuries

You can attempt to heal someone else's injury, if you have some medicine. There is a risk though. Success depends on high quality medicine and a high level of knowledge to fix the injury in a way which will heal properly, along with some luck during the operation. If you fail to heal their injury properly, that injury will become a permanent handicap which no one can attempt to heal anymore. The victim can combat these negative effects by building leveling up their attribute again, if they work hard. If you do manage to be successful in healing the victim, the injury will go away, and the negative buffs it brings against its victim will be taken off. You cannot attempt to heal characters you own with other characters you own.

Healing Damage

Healing yourself from general damage, rather than an injury, takes time as a project. The amount of time it takes to heal yourself depends on the quality of the medicine and your knowledge attribute, whereas the amount of damage actually healed after the project is complete is solely dependent on medicine quality.


This state activates once your health reaches 0 during combat (it does not occur from animal attacks). In this state you are unable to do anything except for roleplaying. This is the state before death in combat. You can be healed out of the incapable state by another person, but if you survive you will not get out of it unscathed - a random grievous injury will be applied to your character with 100% success which is permanent (although you can rebuild the attribute back up). Healing someone out of incapability takes between 2 and 10 hours depending on how high your knowledge is. While in this state, other characters are able to drag you where they want to because you are unable to defend yourself. They are also able to take your things (anything worn or held). Other characters have the option to heal you out of this state if they have medicine and a decent level of knowledge, but they could still fail, resulting in death. 24 hours after the time you became incapable, you and other characters are able to end your life.

The healing formula for any type of healing project is: 10 + random + (knowledge * 6) + (medicine quality * 10) = %

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